Ombre Obsession

It was THE hair colouring trend of 2012, the next-big-thing in subtle nail art, and the best fashion translation from high end designer to high street stores. I am of course talking about the ombre obsession which has swept the nation (not to mention Pinterest) and looks to be here to stay.

I must confess, I came this close to colouring my hair to fit the trend; it’s far more subtle and elegant than a standard dip-dye, but with a similar general look and appeal – why have just one colour in your hair/on your nails/on your jeans, when you could have two? The reason I didn’t take the plunge in the end came down to my student budget, but I’m living vicariously through stars such as Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port, Drew Barrymore and Rosie Huntington-Whitely, who have all achieved seriously high levels of hair envy from me. Whitney Port, in particular, actually.

ombre blonde

The ombre nail trend was a surprising one for me; with the popularity and prevalence of more wacky and (let’s be honest) tacky nail art in 2012, I was surprised such a subtle look for fingernails would take off. Of course, the beauty of this colour-fade trend is that you can make it as subtle or in-your-face as you want – from individual nail ombre effects to colour fade across all ten fingers, the trend proved easy-to-master, completely wearable, and surprisingly professional (a more appropriate nail trend to take to work than the studs, beads, animal prints and general sparkle that other nail art fanatics were wearing).

ombre nails

It was in the post-Christmas sales that I stumbled across my favourite example of the ombre trend; I am now the proud owner of a light-to-dark-grey ombre thick knitted cardigan from Topshop, an absolute bargain at just £20 reduced from £45 in the new Leeds Topshop. Perfect with an all-black outfit, with plain jeans and a t-shirt, or layered over my favourite LBD,  when I want both style and warmth, it’s my new favourite thing. In the world. Ever. (I’ll try and get a decent picture of it to post at some point, it’s not available online any more but still worth looking instore!). There are a million ways to incorporate ombre into your wardrobe – jeans, jumpers, rompers, shirts, tights…. the list is endless.


That’s not to say the ombre trend is only available purchased direct from the high street – this great tutorial by one of my favourite fashion and beauty gurus, Dulce Candy, shows you how to dye any shirt in this style at home, and then suggests a great way to style it with white denim.

Which do you like best? Have you seen the ombre trend put to use in a way which I haven’t noticed? x

Images all sourced from my Pinterest.


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