Just Glovely

I am a terrible packer. I am incredibly jealous of those people who have their suitcases and bags ready to go days before they travel, their boarding passes printed, their liquids all in bottles smaller than 100ml and collected in a clear plastic bag. I have no idea how to become as organised as these people (I visualise them all as Monica from Friends) and honestly, I salute them. My idea of packing is haphazardly throwing everything from my wardrobe and bathroom into a suitcase and then sitting on it as I force the zip to close, while I mutter a mantra to myself: I will make it fit, I will make it fit, I will make it fit (…which it never does).

In my flurried and chaotic packing a week or so ago for my return to Venice, Italy (I still get such a rush whenever I mention that I LIVE IN VENICE) I forgot a few crucial items – my toothbrush, one of my textbooks, my childhood teddy Moosey (sob sob) and, finally, a pair of gloves. The gloves are not perhaps an essential item, but the temperature in Northern Italy is not so mild at this time of year as I would like, and my hands are really starting to suffer (#firstworldproblem). Luckily for me, Italian leather gloves are super-easy to find out here, even if they cost me a pretty penny! While I have my sights set on a gorgeous burgundy pair I’ve spied around the Rialto market area of Venice, I couldn’t stop myself from looking online at a few pairs available around the British High Street. Let me tell you, I am sorely tempted….

just glovely

1. Mango          2. John Lewis          3. Aspinal of London          4. River Island          5. Etsy          6. Topshop

7. River Island          8. John Lewis          9. Miss Selfridge          10. Jasper Conran          11. Dents          12. Southcombe

My favourites have got to be either the creamy suede bow  pair by River Island, or Mango’s burgundy bow pair – and in the post-Christmas sales, they’re bound to be cheaper than the real Italian leather ones I can buy here in Venice (justifying purchases in this way is very dangerous for me …).

Which ones do you like best? x


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