Smell the Roses

Sometimes, with photography, I cannot pinpoint what it is about an image that captivates me. I know that it is the creativity behind Pol Úbeda Hervàs’s images that excites me, and the unexpected use of colour and light that made Hana Haley‘s work stand out; but I don’t know what it is that makes me come […]

Ombre Obsession

It was THE hair colouring trend of 2012, the next-big-thing in subtle nail art, and the best fashion translation from high end designer to high street stores. I am of course talking about the ombre obsession which has swept the nation (not to mention Pinterest) and looks to be here to stay. I must confess, […]

Currently Coveting…

Perhaps it’s the sudden rush of invitations to exciting and glamorous  parties (or just, ahem, a pint at the pub), or perhaps I’m just feeling indulgent, but recently I’ve been obsessing over products which drip with sophistication, elegance and luxury. The more sparkly and opulent the better. Here’s a small collection of products which form […]