Smell the Roses

Sometimes, with photography, I cannot pinpoint what it is about an image that captivates me. I know that it is the creativity behind Pol Úbeda Hervàs’s images that excites me, and the unexpected use of colour and light that made Hana Haley‘s work stand out; but I don’t know what it is that makes me come back to, time and again, the stunning natural still life images produced by New York photographer Alice Gao.

Possibly it’s something about the interplay of light and shadow, which creates an ambiguously dark yet beautiful mood? Perhaps it’s simply the composition, something to do with how she places her objects? There’s also the question of colour, which Gao uses artistically and subtly, particularly in images which are flooded with darkness, leaving only a few snatches of vivid colour to attract the eye.  My point is, I’m really not sure what it is I love about these photographs, but love them I do. It was her recent ‘Rose Study’ which particularly inspired me to write about her, but there is a whole treasure trove of gorgeous imagery (they’re not all still life photos, either) available in the archives of her personal blog, which you can see here, or in her online portfolio.

Gao is known in the industry for her unique food and lifestyle shots, but it’s definitely these studies on natural objects which I like the most. She’s also big on Instagram (as any up and coming photographer is these days, really!).

Here are my picks of her best photographs -maybe you can shed some light on what it is that makes them so lovely?

Do you have a favourite? I think mine has to be the top one, pale pink roses on a white backdrop, with just a glimpse of the dark green leaves. Make sure you check out her blog for more from Alice Gao, one of my new personal favourites in the photography scene.

Have a great day! xx

Image credits: here.


2 thoughts on “Smell the Roses

  1. I love the 5th one down. The flowers are dying but they still hold so much colour and structure. They look as if they are being lit up by moonlight. Really great photos!

    • I 100% agree, the flowers are incredible in their transitive state between life and death – it’s amazing how much vibrancy they can hold even though they’re fading. Thanks for taking the time to look at my blog, I really appreciate it. Hopefully if you like what you’ve seen, you’ll come back again soon!

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