Keeping my chin up…

It’s exam time here in Venice, which means I’m suddenly spending far too much time at the library, and eating a lot of chocolate. Wading through critical essay after critical essay and finding books on the reading list that definitely were not on the reading list when I last checked it is never fun, so blogging is becoming a nice distraction for me.

It’s amazing how much I can enjoy my course when it’s just seminars and private study, and then how much I can hate it when it comes to examination and assessment – I study English Lit, and while in my heart-of-hearts I know Shakespeare is the bees-knees, right now I want to slaughter the man (so it’s a good thing he’s already dead, I guess).

I’m keeping my chin up and powering through until exams are over on the 29th January – and these are the lovely things that are helping me to do it:

  • Lots and lots and lots and lots of cups of tea (and maybe a few squares of dark chocolate to dunk)
  • Having breakfast with my room-mates each morning to relax and laugh together
  • Going for a walk around Venice each day, just for a few minutes – here’s a photo I took yesterday of the sky that made me smile:


  • Finally, listening to this on repeat while I work is a seriously good way to instantly improve my mood:

I hope you all have a lovely day! How do you destress and calm down when you’re having a busy time? x


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