Photography Crush

I feel my first post on this blog needs to be something really lovely, something absolutely gorgeous – and I think I may have found just the thing! Here goes nothing…

During a recent session of exploring new nooks and crannies of the internet, I have had the pleasure of stumbling across the dreamy and vibrant work by up-and-coming photographer Hana Haley. Her Honeyuck portfolio  is striking in style, comprising mostly portraits and fashion shots with a fresh, quirky feel.

What grabs me most about her photographs is the colour – somehow, Hana Haley is able to strike a balance between bright exuberant shades and ethereal muted ones in every shot. She plays with light and colour in original and daring ways, often choosing brightly coloured filters or deliberate glare to create beautiful effects. I’ve not seen photographs like hers before, which is what I love so much about them – they’re almost deliberately imperfect (which of course, is what makes them so wonderful). Her work seems less about capturing detail or showing off clothes or a model’s beauty, and more about creating a specific mood, or telling a story.

While my favourites of her work are definitely the portraits, there are also some unusual landscapes which have an unashamedly and surprisingly home-made feel to them, which again sets them apart from other, more traditional landscape photographs.

Here’s a small sample of my favourites from her website

I absolutely love these photographs, what do you think? Do you guys have a favourite? Don’t forget to visit Hana Haley’s website to see more beautiful photos…


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